How to learn minimalism with the help of minimalist academy

Minimalism seems to be a group of ideas, because of their popularity, are merely floating in the air: it appears that you do not knowingly get any information on the topic and you find yourself right at the epicenter of events.

How to start to live as a minimalist

Like others you need to start with getting rid of excess things in the closets (and cleaning them regularly every couple of months), then you need to give and sell additional books to get rid of unnecessary makeup, things for a long hobby, diaries, and paper documents, electronic and virtual trash.

Gradually, along with getting rid of the material, it was understood that it is time to clean and the non-material unnecessary connections, relationships, meaningless conversations, lists of books and films that you think you will surely read/see, but you never do.

Rejection of the closed circle of things

Buy things – minimize things – buy organizers and containers for organizing space and books on how best to hold it. In general, you see that of the three positions in this chain – two begin with the word “buy.” Here’s what call not minimalism, but the justification of the next shopping. True, sometimes it is not the buyer who is at fault – it is difficult to resist the marketing concept developed by the sellers of these same organizers and books about the organization of space.

But the result is one: you refuse to buy some things and replace them with others – those that serve the principles of minimalism. But the result is the same: you make purchases which the marketers wanted from you.

Live as a minimalist: abandon the different forms of littering

Use plastic cans from under the paint as pots for flowers; organizers for socks and pantyhose from sleeves from toilet paper; cut out bottles from shampoo stands-cups for pencils. Once you see the stand under the hot, to which as the legs were glued to the caps from the Cola and Sprite. Optimization solution: No. It’s just another clutter option. Where from? Probably from the Soviet past with its deficit and the way of thinking formed on this soil.

Maintain income and expenses lists

It may seem that this has nothing to do with the principles of minimalism or has, but is very mediocre. But believe that studying your relationship with money is a prerequisite if you decide to live as a minimalist.

Under the influence of minimalist ideas from the minimalist academy, began to keep records of income and expenses. Every evening you write down all the revenues and costs – it only takes a couple of minutes.

In addition to controlling your finances, there is another nice bonus: you understand how many small, stupid and unnecessary expenses there are and gradually start to cut them.

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