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Have you ever heard someone say that “Chinese is the hardest language in the world”? Surely yes. Is there any way to learn Chinese easily? Most will say no. Of course, Chinese is not an easy language to learn. As Europeans (and Westerners, in general) we tend to think that Chinese is very difficult; the characters, the pronunciation and the tones are something completely different from what we are used to.

If learning English, French or Italian intensively can be easier because they resemble our language, we can think that Mandarin is another matter. If we plan to learn Chinese, we must know that it will not be to sew and sing. So, do you want to learn the language of Confucius? For a beginner, the first steps can be very complicated, but do not worry, if others have been able to learn it, why do not you? At the best chinese language school you will have the best deal now.

What can you do to learn Chinese easily? Will you achieve your goal? What obstacles will you face in your learning process?

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  • Do you think that learning Chinese can be a complete ordeal?
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Is it easy to learn Chinese?

We have seen that Chinese is a very difficult language for Europeans, but if you think about it, Spanish is not a language that is easy for foreigners to master. Here we will see five reasons that will help you to understand that Chinese is not so complicated. If you do not know the basics of Mandarin, the following paragraphs will surprise you:

The Chinese characters and the pinyin method

Chinese calligraphy is a challenge for Westerners. As you can see in this image, for anyone who does not know the language, the characters do not say anything (hence the phrase “sounds like Chinese”).

  • The pinyin will make things easier for you.
  • Do you not understand these characters? Nothing happens, you can use the pinyin.

So that you do not get discouraged and think that learning Chinese is going to be impossible mission, you should know that there is a method that facilitates the understanding of the language: the pinyin. Many people are afraid of not being able to understand a single Chinese character. In fact, that is the main reason that leads many Westerners to think that it is very difficult to learn Mandarin. However, to learn, you only have to use pinyin, a method that translates Latin characters into Chinese characters. Thus, you will gradually understand the different characters.

The Chinese tones

Mandarin Chinese has four different tones. That is, a single word can have four different meanings depending on the tone with which it is pronounced. Did not you know? Do you think that is why language may be more difficult? The most important thing is to make yourself understood and, although at first it is difficult for us to identify the four tones, we promise you that you will be able to speak Chinese without mastering them perfectly. It’s like having a car: with a Ferrari you will be part of the international class, but a Clio is also good for driving here and there.

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